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How not to waste time selling goods on the Internet: for the sake of cyberpolice

Criminals are trying to get the money of the masses in different ways. Also, be careful not to enter payment card details on unknown platforms.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in its communications to the National Police of Ukraine.

What kind of schemes exist

One of these schemes is to collect є stunned about sales of goods, contact the seller and confirm the intention to buy the goods.

“Next, the swindler confirms that he has already made payment through the delivery service. However, in order to collect the money, the seller may never follow up with individual orders, hopefully we'll send Please check and enter your bank card details, shortening the term and CVV code”, – you will find in the notification.

Also, the scammer suspects that the seller has too much money on the card and the confirmation code in the bank. Having taken away this information, avoid withdrawing money from the victim’s account.

In order to deceive sellers, criminals create websites, making them visually similar to other web resources of popular online trading platforms. On such phishing sites, there may also be a form of return call in chat or a phone number, but they are not associated with the helpline support service.

How to protect yourself from scams

It is necessary to discuss the details, including on the platform of the trading platform or the vikorist’s supplement. It’s not a good idea to enter payment card details on unknown platforms.

It’s also not a good idea to enter payment card details on unknown platforms.

“Do not transfer your data to third parties in any other way. If you need to withdraw money from the card, the information is not required to the addressee,” the police added.

And there is no need to inform third parties m special information about the surplus of cash in the warehouses.

Other schemes of the shahrays

Guess what, RBC-Ukraine wrote about those that Ukrainians were also ahead of those that scammers are spreading fake SMS messages about the search for orders in the name of a certain postal service.

Also shahraї in The Internet is increasingly relying on phishing sites for their schemes. Cyber ​​police explained how not to become a victim of scammers.

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