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In Poland, through the Shpigunsky scandal, the commander of the European Corps was called. Vin having started ZSU

Poland has released the commander of the European Corps, Lieutenant General Yaroslav Gromadzinsky. He was responsible for the training of the Ukrainian military.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this through messages to the Ministry of Defense of Poland and the RAR.

As explained to the Polish Ministry of Defense, the decision was praised for the connection from Romanians new Information before the officer. Zokrema, language about the protection of secret information.

“We praise the decision to release Lieutenant General Gromadzinsky from the imprisonment of the commander of the European Corps and his unfaithful turn to the brink,” the source said.

For the remaining months, General Gromadzinsky also served with the International Group assistance to Ukraine near Visbaden. Together with the American military, they supported the preparation of the Ukrainian military.

The Ministry of Defense has respected that another officer will be assigned to the European Corps commander. This is to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the command of the paramedics.

The reason for Hromadzinsky’s release

The statement cited a fragment of the “Law on the Protection of Victims.” No one will have to “investigate before gaining access to the state prison.” It states that a professional military service member can be released from imprisonment once violating violations passed by the relevant norms of legislation dated September 5, 2010.

The Ministry of Defense respects the fact that the progress of the Military Counterintelligence Service is in progress “to ensure the special security of Lieutenant General Yaroslav Gromadzinsky in connection with the extraction of new information about the officer.”

Spygun scandal

Before with a foot on Posad Gromadzinskiy went through the verification procedure again intelligence services. After which we have denied access to information of the highest level of secrecy in Poland and NATO. Previously, the Alliance had never had a list of services.

The Eurocorps is a multi-national command of the Swedish military, based in Strasbourg. Forces that reach the national command may be involved in operations under the jurisdiction of the European Union, NATO and the United Nations, including humanitarian and military missions, as well as peacekeeping missions and missions to promote peace.

Russian espionage in the world

Earlier, Great Britain killed a group of Russian spies. They were engaged in collecting intelligence information for the benefit of Russia.

The Crimean 20th ruler of Estonia announced the successful viktor hybrid operation of the Russian special services, as part of the criminal investigation the government was blurred 10 osib.

The same goes for the European Parliament check with deputy Tetyana Zhdanok for contacts with the FSB.

It was previously reported that Russian intelligence is recruiting a Serbian agent for infiltration into the EU institutions and the spread of pro-Kremlin theories about the invasion of Ukraine їну.

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