• 22/04/2024 20:58

In the Kherson region, a local resident exploded in a Russian minivan

He suffered gunshot debris wounds to his face, neck, rivers and legs.

In the Berislavsky district of the Kherson region, a local resident exploded on a Russian mini.

This was reported in the Kherson Regional State Administration.

34-year-old a man stepped on an explosive object in a forest belt near the village of Trifonovka.

The victim was taken to the hospital with numerous injuries.

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Doctors found that he had gunshot wounds debris injuries to the face, neck, rivers and legs.

“We urge you to be careful and not to visit places where explosives experts have not yet worked. And if you notice a suspicious object, immediately move to a safe distance and call rescuers or the police,” – officials noted.

  • More than a week ago in the Kharkov region, three people exploded on an anti-personnel mine, two people died. The fatal incident occurred near the village of Dovgenkoye, Izyum district.


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