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Iran has reconciled its plans to enter into conflict with the United States at a close meeting, but there is a nuance

The Islamic Republic of Iran has no intention of entering into a conflict with the United States in the region And right away. However, every time there is an attack on its citizens, Tehran is ready to announce the anniversary.

As Iranian Ambassador to the UN Said Irani stated, RBC-Ukraine informs that it has sent requests to broadcast the meeting for the sake of UN Security.

“We demonstrated our commitment to the world by demonstrating our commitment to the acquisition of the US army before the stockpiling of Iranian drones and missiles, which were aimed directly at military targets in the occupied Palestinian territories. This strengthens our commitment deescalation of tensions and unique expansion of the conflict,” said Vin.

At the same time, Iran is ahead of the fact that “as the United States initiates military operations against Iran, whose security and interests, Iran is speeding up its invisible right to proportionality in Confirmation.”

Israel does not appear to be seeking revenge

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan called out the UN Security Council for not responding to threats from Iran, including its nuclear program, saying that the world was “deafeningly moving.” The diplomat was willing to turn off the Israeli payment for the Iranian missiles and the drone attack.

“With Iranian terrorist puppets. This attack crossed all the red lines, and Israel deprives oneself of the legal right to confirmation,” the ambassador said.

The countries are calling until the end of the day

In addition, at the meeting of the UN Council a strong position was demonstrated: representatives of Great Britain, France and Switzerland called out until the end of the day.

China's Ambassador to the UN Zhang Jun also came to the x clicks. Once again calling out the need for a clear end to the fire in the Gaza Strip and praising the solution to the creation of two powers for Israel and the Palestinians.

Russia nodded to Israel

Russia's Ambassador to the UN Vasil Nebenzya also called on international solidarity to de-escalate the situation. However, they tried to blame Israel for the provocative attack, declaring that the war in Gazi was at the “deep roots” of the crisis.

“Great Britain, France and the United States were ready to condemn the attack on the diplomatic complex of Iran 1st quarter, why can you hit would have been lost,” adding Nebenzya, repeating the statement made earlier by Tehran.

Meeting of the UN Security Council

On the 14th quarter, the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting in New York, calling on the Israeli delegation. The reason was a large-scale attack on Iran and one of its terrorist groups during the Close Convergence of Israeli territory last night.

On the night of the 14th quarter, Iran attacked Israel with strike drones and missiles. This was the result of the Israeli army’s attack on the Iranian embassy in the Syrian capital Damascus on the 1st quarter, at which time a low number of generals perished in the Army Corps of the Islamic Revolution.

Zagalam Iran launched a іIsrael needs over 200 drones and close to 150 missiles.< /p>

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the country has a symmetrical response to an attack on Iran.

Israel's military cabinet has not yet decided to attack Iran response to attack, aka USA The brothers have already agreed to take part in the global “revenge”.

This time, Iran declared that it could launch attacks on Israel with greater force once Tel Aviv “revenge” for the repeated attack of the 14th quarter tnya.

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