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Maluska: The first convicts will arrive at the front by the end of summer

They are now undergoing military training.

Malyshskaya: The first convicts will arrive at the front by the end of summer

Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denis Malyuska

The first group of convicts will go to the front for training.

Minister of Justice Denis Maluska spoke about this in an interview with the Financial Times.

According to him, since the adoption of the relevant law, 2862 out of 5196 people were dismissed. Another 368 people were denied their desire to join the ranks of the Ukrainian army due to for health conditions.

“There are many good people in the prison system who could be useful at the front. This is a good window of opportunity to start your life on a new page,” Maluska said.

On May 10, 2024, the Ministry of Justice stated that Ukraine is capable of recruiting 10,000-20,000 prisoners and people with criminal records into the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There are currently no female prisoners who wished to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

What is known about the mobilization of convicts

  • On May 21, the Khmelnitsky City District Court released the first two prisoners who expressed a desire to mobilize from serving their sentences, and the very next day all 50 applications for parole of convicts who expressed a desire to mobilize. 
  • As of May 21, more than 3,000 applications for parole from serving their sentences to participate in the defense of Ukraine have been received. 
  • Before that, on May 8, a law was passed providing for the voluntary mobilization of certain categories of prisoners. 
  • Killers of two or more people, rapists, people who have committed crimes against the foundations of national security (including state traitors), some top corrupt officials (but not all) will not be able to mobilize.
  • Uv& #39; prisoners who express a desire to be mobilized will be able to serve after a court decision and completion of the VLK. 
  • For all others who could potentially be mobilized, the same condition applies – no more than three years must remain before the expiration of their sentence. 
  • According to the Ministry of Justice, in this way it would be possible to mobilize from 10 to 20 thousand convicts.


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