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NATO is proposing to create a five-tier fund for Ukraine worth 100 billion dollars, – Bloomberg

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg proposes creating a $100 billion fund for allies hom p' There are five fates for Ukraine within the framework of the package that the leaders of the member states of the Alliance may sign at the summit in Washington.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via Bloomberg.

In the words of Bloomberg , members of the Alliance are still discussing Stoltenberg’s proposal and the mechanisms of the division of Vneski, zokrem, and securing bilateral assistance to Ukraine in the global sum.

Jerel admits that the proposal will require praise 3 2 member countries of the Alliance, swedish for everything, will be changed before the allies get used to it.

As part of the package, NATO can also take over the operational responsibilities of the US-backed Ukrainian Contact Defense Group, which coordinates the delivery of armored forces to Ukraine from around 50 countries. Such a short term can destroy this structure in the event of any political changes that may occur after the US presidential election in November.

It is indicated that the allies support Stoltenberg’s proposal, which means NATO’s transition to a more active role in helping Ukraine and a change in the model of behavior of the military alliance, which had previously maintained a distance from the public strength to avoid potential involvement in the war with Russia.

Now that support has consolidated on the side of NATO, you can testify about the long-term cunning of the allies to Ukraine in the hour when Vladimir Putin is betting on those that can survive the allies of Kiev – especially since the members of the Alliance are unlikely Why send an official request to Ukraine to join NATO if The leaders of the member countries of the Alliance will take the cob of linden from Washington.

Supporting Ukraine on the side of NATO

Recently, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the difficult situation on the battlefield in Ukraine will continue to be lost. According to him, NATO allies will transfer 99% of all military assistance.

The later head of the NATO military committee, Rob Bauer, stated that Ukraine can still achieve success in its fight against Russia. However, partners are responsible for increasing their assistance.

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