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Night attack of the “Shaheds”: all Russian drones were shot down on the approaches to Kiev

The forces and methods of anti-aircraft defense were reduced by the mustache of the Shahed-type kamikaze drone, as it grew ійski fire starters were launched to strike Kiev.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with a message to the head of the Kiev Municipal Military Administration (MVA) Serhiy Popka.

According to the official, the drones entered the Ukrainian capital directly from the entrance. The alarm in Kiev and the region has lasted for at least 2 years.

“With the forces and means of anti-aircraft defense, the enemy's UAV “Shahed”, which was heading straight to Kiev, was still on the approaches to the place! go into your statement.

The head of the MBA stated that according to the latest operational data, the capital has “no casualties and ruin.”

The administration reported that attack drones were launched near the Chauda training ground in the immediately occupied Crimea.

Night attack of the “Shaheds”

Previously, it was reported that Russian fire fighters launched strikes across Ukraine yesterday from grounded kamikaze drones. Through the “Shahedi” interventions, on Saturday evening and for many years on the night of the 11th of the year, in various regions, there was widespread alarm.

The military forces announced that the enemy was launching strike drones to Only in groups from today, th at dekilka hvil. The “Shahedi” changed course and were in the windy expanse

Under the mauled blow of the enemy from Mikolaiv, where throughout the night the vibugs mooned several times, the combat robot of the PPO ZSU was carried out to defeat the “Shahedi” of the Russians. In the city they reported about the burning of the grass, but there was no information about the victims. There was also information about the vibrations near the Dnieper city.

This year, representatives of the government of Kiev and the region spoke about the work of the forces and functions of the PPO at the capital city in the region.

Terms and important reasons Lenny about the Russian war against Ukraine, read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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