• 22/06/2024 22:10

The head of “Ukrenergo” explained the procedure for connecting electricity in the drains to the shortage

Ukrenergo is still stagnating the electricity supply schedule for the industry I mean, but not for population.

This was stated by the head of Ukrenergo Volodymyr Kudrytsky, RBC-Ukraine reported to the briefing.

As Kudrytsky noted, in 2024 the scale of Russian attacks will already exceed the scale of the season 2022-2023 years. Of particular concern are kamikaze drones, of which there have become many times more numerous.

“The scale of the damage has also increased. As we talk about generation, about power plants, we have now surpassed the scale of minor energy impacts,” he said. As a result, the system has created a generation deficit in the early and evening years, and Ukrenergo is forced to stagnate production and business schedules. Import and emergency aid from other countries . Due to the fact that there is no significant import at night, the shortage is due to the current year.

“The food supply is too much, so it is not possible to interconnect the population, but only interconnect business. n means i callousness, and the format of such borders,” he said.

In his words, the shortage is blamed on the song of the year, which is why they themselves are affected by industry and business.

Turning off the light

It’s a good idea that From 18:00 Thursday, May 9 to 7:00 Friday in all regions, exchanges of industrial workers began to stagnate. In this case, there was no interruption between the electricity supply and the household companions. Taki Grafi plan to be on the sogodnі.

Water in “Ukrenergo, they stated that the Zrostannnyas was able to vice, the vykhotovikh, Ale was asked by the ilinformation about the graphics of the Svitla for the settlement.

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