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The Norwegian University, which hounded a Russian agent, allows the discovery of other spies

The rector of the Norwegian University of Tromso, Dag Rune Olsen, does not exclude that the mortgage may begin to spy and, like act in the interests of the Russian Federation.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a message sent to iTromsø.

Olsen made such a statement in the context of the harassment of an assistant professor who appeared to be a career officer in Russia ysky GRU Mikhail Mikushin .

“The university is a place where you often know people who will occupy key areas in the future. Therefore, it is a particularly good place for those who do illegal things,” said the rector of the University of Tromsø.

We also believe that cyberattacks were carried out on the mortgage after some security attacks were strengthened.

The arrest of an agent of the Russian GRU at the University of Tromso

June 24, 2022, the Norwegian police for trimala of Russian shpigun, scho pratsyuvav at the University of Tromsø under the names. Investigators have established that they suspect that documents have been filed in the name of a Brazilian citizen, but in fact he is an agent of Russian intelligence.

Mikhailo Mikushin is already under the river under the Varta Novezka floor Police Security Service (PST) for those involved in espionage activities.

Russian spies from Norway

In the year 2023, Russian special services tried to recruit a resident of Norway. He is guilty of photographing military objects on the last night and handing them over to the Kremlin.

The 13th quarter of last year, Norway declared persona non grata and expelled 15 Russian diplomats and high-ranking officers from the country iv intelligence.

Russian diplomats also wanted to engage in radio surveillance on the territory of the country.

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