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The ZSU named the main threat to the Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region

The attempt of the occupiers’ offensive near the Kharkiv region may be delayed strength and reserves of Ukrainian forces for a new location.

For the sake of the reservists of the Ground Forces, Ivan Timochko, write to RBC-Ukraine for your comment on the telethon.

“The Vorog Ozida, having poured advancing in the district of that Kommerska, Bakhmutian tension. The stench is not able to hug, they can’t reach the sulfur suicide on the pіvdni. carry out an active offensive operation along any front line,” he explained.

Behind this, if there is an additional point for conducting combat operations, follow standard military protocols that require, in addition to ійська , which are involved directly on the battlefield, the mothers of the reserve are obligated to blame.

“I axis, if there is an additional line between 10-20 km in the direction of the plan, it is therefore in this direction, around the military, which is directly related to the battle line, that a sieve is created action that will require increased logistics and the addition of reserves, which to increase the military warehouse,” stated Tymochko.

The situation in the Kharkiv region

On May 10, the Russian troops tried to break through the cordon in the Kharkiv region. The ZSU were able to defeat the attack, otherwise the battle would continue.

In this case, the Russian troops are no longer trying to enter Ukraine, vikorist DRGs, and also fire not only at the positions of the ZSU, but also at populated areas close to the cordon with the help of KABIv, artillery . It is clear that evacuation from Vovchanska and the village is being carried out immediately.

It is significant that, according to the words of the head of the OVA Oleg Sinegubov, there are no threats for Kharkov in connection with the activation of the Russian Federation in the border areas.

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