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Two residents of the Chernivtsi region attacked TCC workers with an ax

Before that, one of the TCC workers was hit by a car.

Two local citizens of Bukovina attacked with great violence Pritsіvniki TCC

Two residents of the Vyzhnytsky district of the Chernivets region attacked TCC workers with an ax near the Gorlecha checkpoint in the village. Ploskaya.

This is reported by the Public with reference to the press secretary of the national police of the Chernivtsi region, Karolina Marysheva.

“The driver of a VAZ-2121 car ran over a 41-year-old TCC employee. Then he turned his car around and stopped near the servicemen. Then he hit the man in the forearm with the blunt part of the ax,” the report says.

Another man hit the serviceman in the shoulder, injuring a TCC employee.

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The men also damaged the windshield and windows of the servicemen's vehicle and then fled. They attacked TCC employees during a check of military registration documents.

According to the speaker of the regional TCC Tatyana Gaidashchuk, the military man who was hit by a car was injured at the front. Both employees were transferred from combat units.

Law enforcement officers detained both men; they were local residents, 28 and 43 years old. The police began criminal proceedings into hooliganism.

Chairman of the Selyatyn Society Valery Polyanchuk, in a comment to the Public, told that the son of the car driver went missing during the war. And the father of the 43-year-old car driver is a volunteer and has been fighting in the ATO since 2014. A 28-year-old man on horseback also fought in the ATO; he is the brother of the car driver.

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