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Under the nose of the Kremlin. How drone attacks and breaking the cordon will transfer the war to the territory of the Russian Federation

Unknown drones attacked at least 10 regions of Russia in the night before 12 February, information about getting married to naphtha refinery plant near Nizhny Novgorod. And now the French “Russian Volunteer Corps” together with two other units broke through the cordon and, apparently, took control of populated areas.

For more details about the massive drone attack, the black raid, the main goals and possible results, see the material from RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, vikorism was used: data from the Telegram channels “Russia” whom the volunteer corps “, the Legion “Freedom of Russia”, “Siberian Battalion”, Russian governors, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and publics, the publication of Defense Express, comments from the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate Andriy Yusov, experts Oleksandr Musienko and Vladislav Seleznyov.


  • 10 regions are under attack. What is known about the massive drone attack
  • Ukraine has increased frequency. How to verify the systematic nature of UAV strikes
  • New breakthrough. What do Belgorod, Bryansk and Kursk regions expect? Information campaign and war on the territory of Russia? What does it seem like an expert
  • Having added one more IL-76. Possibly, the Su-27 was shot down: what is known

10 regions are under attack. What do we know about the massive drone attack

As of March 12, at least nine Russian regions reported massive drone attacks. Zokrema, Governor of the Oryol region Andriy Klichkov reported on the attack on the fire-energy complex in Orlya. Russian media wrote about the oil and gas industry's destruction and the massive destruction. The fire was extinguished after 60 minutes and the fire was extinguished in the first half of the day.

Near the Nizhny Novgorod region, drones attacked an industrial zone in the town of Kstovo, as a result of which a naphtha distillation unit caught fire. Telegram channels wrote about the fire at the Lukoil oil refinery. It appears that the robot of the technological installation “Lukoil-Nizhegorodnaftoorgsintez” is attached.

The attacked plant is located 800 km from Ukraine. Respected as one of the most important in Russia. As a result, 15 million tons of oil are being processed into the river, which is close to 5% of oil production in the Russian Federation. It is not excluded that the refinery has permanently pinned the debris to work, for example, the plant has failed to install a catalytic cracker for the repair of any necessary components, but there is no possibility of cleaning.

Near the Moscow region, bulges appeared in the Ramensky district. It appeared that the PPO forces had shot down a drone that was flying to Moscow. Similar incidents occurred in the Tula, Voronezk and Leningrad regions. There, behind the claim of power, there was no mishap. It is noticeable that the Pivdenna TPP burned down near St. Petersburg, but it is still unknown what is connected with the nighttime attack.

Also, unknown drones attacked the border regions of Ukraine. In the Belgorod region, as a result of the Vibukhs, the power line was damaged and this village was damaged. In the Kursk region, according to Governor Roman Starovoyt, six UAVs were shot down over five districts. It was also reported about the destruction of a flying-type drone over the Brasovsky district of the Bryansk region.

The Russian Ministry of Defense tried a strike with 25 drones, and all of them were killed by the “devilish methods of the PPO.” In this case, the list of attacked regions includes Voronezka and Nizhny Novgorod, where the Lukoil oil refinery was damaged.

Vranci, the tenth region was the Rostov region. As stated by Governor Vasil Golubev, the drones were falling on Taganrog, but the entire population was shot down outside the area while still approaching. Ukrainian publics write about those who “fell and shook” in the area of ​​the Penoplex plant. According to official information, thermal insulation materials are being used here.

Significantly, the local aviation plant was attacked here for days. The aim is to fly the A-50 long-range reconnaissance flight, before any disruptions at the Machulishchi airfield in Belarus. There is no confirmed information about a possible strike on the aircraft.

Ukraine has increased frequency. Just to confirm the systemic nature of UAV strikes

As of 17:00, the Ukrainian side did not officially confirm their responsibility until the mass pour. According to RBC-Ukraine, it seems that the Main Intelligence Directorate is behind the attack on the Lukoil oil refinery.

“The number of stranded drones is growing, Ukraine is expanding its capabilities. This is already obvious. To make it clear, we are now reaching the required frequency and effectiveness of strikes. We are already increasing our capabilities in this way order, so that, at a minimum, we should not stand in front of the Russians, but “The maximum is to overturn it,” says RBC-Ukraine.

Photo: Lukoil refinery near Kstova is located 800 km from Ukraine (google.com/maps)

Vin also respects the systemic nature of attacks on military targets the industrial complex of the Russian Federation and the naftogaz industry. In my opinion, this is how a complex misfortune appears.

“First of all, change Russia’s capabilities so as to promote the production of waste, and secondly, to reduce the cost to the budget, which finances the war against Ukraine. Lukoil refineries are working on both foreign and domestic market, the profit from the sale of naphtha and naphtha products outside the border. In order to change the capabilities of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to strike at industrial facilities. To restore respect, often strikes, as we say about oil refineries, are applied to the owned and terminals, which are responsible for the refining of naphtha. So not just on the joints, but on dearest about 'ektah'

According to Reuters data, as a result of today’s attack on the oil refinery near Kstova (Nizhny Novgorod region), the AVT-6 atmospheric distillation unit has been causing frequent outbreaks. The Lukoil company, in the comments, was seen, in addition to the words of the agency's representatives, to talk about half the effort.

The systemic “boost” on such objects does not at all mean that Russia will soon be transferred en masse specialties of the PPO from the front for their protection. For now there is nothing to be afraid of, explains Musienko.

“The Russians themselves are trying to overcome a large number of the PPO’s abilities at the front. It’s worse for them, because we also have the ability to do so. We are, in principle, in control of whatever scenario. to fight effectively The enemy's goal. It is clear that our forces are attacking targets on the territory of the Russian Federation. The problem of nutrition is not that Russia does not have PPO. But that Ukraine is unable to plan routes. and implement the blows,” adding vin.

New Proriv. What to expect in the Belgorod, Bryansk and Kursk regions

The bitter morning of 12 February did not end with an attack by drones for the Bryansk, Belgorod and Kursk regions. Enforcements of Russian partisans broke through the cordon in many places and started fighting.

As the “Freedom of Russia” legion reported, the stench crossed the cordon, including in tanks. The Telegram channel also posted a video of the destruction of an armored personnel carrier near the village of Tyotkino, Kursk region. According to the words of the volunteers, the armored vehicle set fire to the living quarters with its igniting partners, and the partisans “could not take it away just like that.”

The breakthrough was supported by soldiers of the “Russian Volunteer Corps”. In these words, the RDK is back on the offensive line, and Putin’s army is throwing a fierce attack without having received the fight.

“Last month, the Kremlin regime has recovered from the remaining hope of peaceful opposition ii. Assigned to chergovi “Choice”. The fighters of the RDK did not understand any illusions and knew that power in Russia included the power of the people. In this way, we are once again entering the territory of the Russian Federation,” the source said.

The “Siberian Battalion” also spoke about “returning to Russian soil.” According to someone on his Telegram channel, battles are raging on the territory of the Russian Federation, and the fighters have begun to finish the job of putting Vladimir Putin’s regime back in their hands. In addition, the stinks urged Russians to ignore the “choices”. In the video, the group pokes through the forest area.

“Ballots and election campaigns in this period are a fiction. Really changing life to a better place can only be done in your hands. Anyone who does not accept the evil life of tyranny can make the right choice,” added the volunteer ci.

Dzherela RBC-Ukraine confirmed that the fighters are moving towards Grayvoron, Bilgorod region. The orderly situation has been overcrowded, in which Russians are in a panic about breaking the cordon and fearing in battle.

Russian publics write about the penetration of many groups to the Belgorod region on pickup trucks in support of mortar and artillery fire. About 50 individuals broke through from the side of Odnorobivka, Kharkiv region, and on the approach to the cordon a number of tanks were spotted. Russian propaganda claims that the village of Lozova Rudka is under the control of volunteers. Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov informed the Grayvoronsky district about the shelling, and in the meantime a video appeared with the sounds of gunfire near Belgorod.

Photo: Ukrainian project DeepState has already located the village of Lozova Rudka near the “gray zone” (deepstatemap.live)

It became clear that as a result of the drone strike in the former administration of Belgorod it's bad that door.

Residents of the Kursk region reported on the Streltsy battle near Tyotkinogo. The first skirmishes began here around 08:00. Russian publics write about at least two wounded people. Tim is sometimes restless at Bryansk. According to Governor Oleksandr Bogomaz, “preventative measures are being carried out in the area to prevent terrorist attacks.” We don’t know the details, but publics should write about the blocking of the street.

As stated in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the eruption began around 02:00 (behind the Kiev hour) at the same time in three directions near the Belgorod region. The Russian troops attacked with missiles, aircraft and artillery, but never allowed a breakthrough. In this version, dozens of troops, five tanks and an armored personnel carrier were reduced. It was also defeated by several attacks in the Kursk region.

According to the anonymous Telegram channel “Kremlin snuffbox”, the attack was only stopped in the Bryansk region, while the fighting in the border villages of Belgorod and Kursk is still in progress. Vidomosti does not talk about the waste, but “serious problems.” According to unconfirmed information, two secret headquarters were often lost, and many officers were killed. The FSB and the Russian Guard rely on the active stagnation of the army, otherwise “the battles could drag on until the end of the year.”

Now the “Freedom of Russia” legion has voiced that Tyotkin is under the control of arbitrary forces, and Putin’s army is seizing positions and throwing away equipment. For other information, the battle for the population of the area is still worrying.


A representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense Andriy Yusov, in a commentary for RBC-Ukraine, stated that the Legion “Freedom of Russia”, RDK and the “Siberian Battalion operate autonomously on Russian territory: “as independent structures and those organizations ending their espoused political works.” In his words, we are talking about a major operation.

“I'm sorry, the stench of the giants of the Russian Federation is looming on the outside right,” adding Vin.

On the air, Radio Liberty admitted that Russian volunteers were working from captured equipment. He said that it would be a good idea for them to break through the Russian Federation cordon. It is significant that in the spring of 2023 the rivers reached the Bryansk region, the largest – from the grass to the Grayvoronsky district of the Belgorod region. Since then, volunteers have been periodically conducting raids.


Information campaign or war on the territory of Russia? What seems to be expert

Today's breakthrough looks larger-scale than the raids of the other half of 2023. It is certain that there is no less propaganda than Putin’s “elections” ahead of him. Concepts about a full-fledged combat operation should be started in advance, if you want to observe the situation in its dynamics and watch out for how it develops.

Olexander Musienko calls this goal: to demonstrate that we The opposition is armored, it is ready until on the contrary, it will grow.

“The list of participants has already expanded, including the RDK and the Legion “Freedom of Russia” to the “Siberian Battalion”. Another point is that I have less information that other organizations are receiving and will inevitably be new in the process I. Zokrema, ruins that are found everywhere in Russia. They are counting on the team, if a manifesto with clear political appeals to the Putin regime is published, they will follow it without being published, and we are aware of the process of forming a hard-fought opposition in the Russian Federation. I am sure that the information about this “to appear very soon,” – Rozov from RBC-Ukraine.

Photo: new action of Russian volunteers You can see the formation of a strong anti-Putin opposition (Getty Images)

For Ukraine, such a raid could cover specific military targets.

“For us, it is important that even if there are more Russian troops on the territory of Russia, the less of them will stand against Ukraine. In anticipation of a possible decrease in the dynamics of shelling of our border areas, I guess this is one of the scenarios іїв – reduction of S-300 systems in Belgorod and not only. “It would allow us to change the number of attacks on Kharkov and the region beforehand. Or at any time. In order for this to be stable, it is necessary that the RDK and other rebels be there at the same time,” Musienko said.

The military expert, the greatest speaker of the General Staff of the ZSU, Vladislav Seleznyov, has much less insight. In my opinion, the raid will definitely not change the situation in the border regions, and the action of volunteers, which did everything for everything, is informational and power. And this is to verify the number of actions of dozens of fighters.

“The key mission is to demonstrate to the Russian population that the fight against the Putin regime is entirely possible. neither real nor effective, especially because That Russian propaganda, in preparation for the election of President Putin, proclaimed that “Russia is a safe country” and that they have “everything is safe, rich and rich”, – Vine matters.

Information warehouse – to show the Russians that the TV is flawed, the fragments are unlikely to be visible on the TV during an hour-long raid of volunteers. Propaganda is the same, and people from their childhood home are different, so this kind of operation is trivialized by adding Seleznyov. It is significant that the Russian Federation is intensifying harsh censorship so that the population does not know the whole truth about today’s events. As it became clear, the Kursk region blocked the publication of data about the work of the army and the place of shelling.

In fact, Musienko is seeing signs that the war of justice may move to the territory of Russia.

“The Putin regime is repressing the opposition ruins and is trying to eliminate them. And volunteers in Icon more importantly, please to unite everyone who protests against Putin and who is ready to work for this in their hands. As far as I know, the song of success may mean a gradual transition of the war to the territory of the Russian Federation. Perhaps, not so likely, as we wanted, but the trends were laid “, – adding wine.

Another Il-76 entered. Possibly, shot down Su-27: what is known

The 12th of February became a dark day for Russian aviation. Immediately at the border there appeared footage of the complete depletion of the important Su-27 bomber over the Belgorod region. Local publics reported that residents felt a heavy ripple near Valuyki, after a fire began in the forest. There were no official comments from the Russian side.

Ukrainian intelligence has not yet confirmed the information about the fall of the pilot.

“There (in the Belgorod region, – ed.) there are even more active military actions going on. There is already plenty of evidence. Such information is being further verified,” said GUR representative Andriy Yusov.

The military transport Il-76 entered the Russian city of Ivanovo. Judging by the published videos, one of the engines burned out, which then fell out of the plane.

The disaster is similar to the incident with IL-76 near Ryazan in 2022. As Defense Express writes, there was plenty of show and a repeat was predicted in the future. The loss of one of four engines is not catastrophic for the IL-76, which is currently built on three engines. If you turn off the human factor, analysts think, you could end up in an unsafe fire extinguishing system. Regardless of those that had been extinguished, the structure did not show, the engine had collapsed near the floor, which could have led to the destruction of the heating system.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports about 15 dead, Russian ZMI write that 16 bodies have been found in the area. On board were pilots from the Orenburz and Tver regions, having completed their initial flight. The official cause of the disaster is a technical malfunction. Publications posted on the site indicate that the IL-76 also could fall through a bird, which was lost in the engine, or through the rupture of the rotor part, causing “second metal.”

In any case Several extreme incidents highlight the problems of Russian aviation.

“The stink has always been there. The right thing is that vikorists are being extremely intensely, it is understandable that the pressure on them is growing, on helots, the number of parcels is growing Plus, there are problems with technical maintenance, and there are a lot of flying fragments. I think that if the downfall of the Su-24 is confirmed, then it could have been shot down. lot”, – summed up expert Oleksandr Musienko.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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