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What's happening in the Kharkiv region and where the fighting is going on: map of “dry zones”

Russian troops have crossed the border of Ukraine in two more places and are advancing in Kharka every region. The battles are being fought directly between Kharkov and the town of Vovchansk.

For more details about the situation and where the battles are going on, see the material from RBC-Ukraine.

When preparing the material, the following sources were used: analytics and cards to the DeepState project, stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky, head of the Kharkiv OVA Oleg Sinegubov, Telegram channel of the kerivnik to the Center for Anti-Disinformation of the RNBO Andriy Kovalenko and information of the Ministry of Defense.


< ul> < li>Fighting directly in Kharkov and Vovchanska: the new “serial zones”

  • The evacuation and where to go for help
  • The fighting situation and Zelensky’s reaction
  • The news of Russia went for the assault
  • Direct battles in Kharkov and Vovchanska: new “gray zones”

    Vrantsia On the 10th of May, the occupying forces intensified attacks on the border settlements due to various reasons. The shelling continues, drones and radio-electronic warfare systems are stopped.

    The battles are fought on two plots. The enemy plans to penetrate directly to Kharkov and consolidate in the villages along the line Strilecha – Krasne – Pilna – Borisivka. Directly from Vovchanska, try to go to the villages of Gatishche and Pletenivka.

    On the maps of the Ukrainian portal DeepState, these areas are already designated as “gray zone”.

    Photo: map of new “dry zones” near the Kharkiv region (

    According to analysts’ assessments, Russians are beginning to crave the benefits of a small amount of technology . As far as I can tell, the population centers will not collapse. Not turned on, what to check on the main strength.

    These forces, which the enemy threw from them, cannot be worn out for deep penetration. But it is certainly unknown how many resources are ready for this maneuver. It is not excluded that the main meta-destabilization of border areas. Such actions were not uncontrollable, and the Defense Forces reported as much as possible in order to defeat the attack.

    According to the Ministry of Defense, the Russians on Vovchanskoye were directly hit with rigged aerial bombs (KAB). At night, the violent pressure was strengthened by the robotic artillery, and at about 05:00 an attempt was made to break through the Ukrainian defense line under the protection of armored vehicles.

    At 13:00, all attacks were defeated, fighting was ongoing ї intensity. To reinforce this front, reserve troops have been deployed. The defense forces are exerting pressure.

    The border also showed signs of poor Russian technology in the village of Pilna.

    Photo: poor Russian technology (

    De evacuation and where to go for help

    Head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration Oleg Sinegubov calls the attempt to protect the well unsuccessful.

    “No quarter meter was spent. The enemy was not grouped threaten Kharkov, whose strength is more than enough to provoke him directly,” – adding wine and calling for civilians to stay in shelters.

    The shelling of the border zone took an hour to continue. As a result, five people were injured in Vovchanska, and another person died under the rubble of a private cabin. Also, during the shelling of the village of Cherkasy Tishki, a 55-year-old man was killed, and in Bugaivtsa there were no casualties.

    Evacuation began in the border settlements. Zokrema, military, police and volunteers are helping to evacuate Vovchanska and excess forces.

    “The majority of people have their own transport. And together with the humanitarian center, we organize the entry of those locals who do not have their own cars,” said Tamaz Gambarashv, head of the military administration of Vovchanska or.

    In the area there is a hot line with power evacuation , people are asked to call the number 0-800-33-92-91. Vlada obliges for consultation and support at all stages.

    Fighting situation and Zelensky’s reaction

    Fights are currently being waged one or two kilometers from the Russian cordon. Significantly, a “gray zone” is a territory that is not completely controlled by either side. As a rule, positions on it can quickly change hands.

    For information about those who have Russian troops between the Kharkov and Chuguivsky districts, Sinegubov vidpov, which is actually all the settlements bordering the Russian Federation in the “serial zone”.

    “We are saying that on our territory fighting is underway. So, the enemy can enter the territory, then there will be battles, and the enemy will be found there,” he clarified.

    He also repeated that the combat brigades confronted the Russians with fire at the reconciliation and the loss of Ukrainian territory was not allowed. In my words, the situation cannot be compared with the 24th of 2022 (if on the first day of a full-scale war Russia occupied a significant part of the Kharkiv region). In addition, the military is forced to stagnate at the military frontiers behind the lines, and the enemy is unable to attack in small groups and try the positions of the ZSU.

    President Volodymyr Zelensky commented on the taste of the Russian river. He confirmed that the enemy had unleashed a hell of a counteroffensive on his direct line. They hit him with artillery fire, the fierce artillery fire continued from 07:00-08:00.

    “It is important that the stinks (Russians, – ed.) can still exert more force, that's a fact. Ale ours The military command knew about this and invested their forces in fighting the enemy with fire,” the president added.

    Kerivnik to the Center for Counteracting Disinformation of the RNBO Andriy Kovalenko anticipates that there may be a lot of opportunity in the media And about the lives of Russians, they want to think about Kharkov . The situation is under control and is similar to simulating a large-scale offensive.

    It is important for our resources to create an information storm. The picture can change dynamically, which can only be trusted by official personnel. At the moment, there are no zones where the occupiers are entering. The defense forces are trying to knock them out.

    Finally, the Russians launched an assault

    Reuters reported a quote from an unnamed high-ranking Ukrainian official. As a result, the Russians carried out a ground attack at the village of Kharkiv region and penetrated a kilometer of the Vovchanska River to create a buffer zone.

    As part of these actions, the occupiers aim to push the Ukrainian Defense Forces by 10 k Ilometers at the cordon. It is noteworthy that in the middle of the pandemic, Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin announced plans to create a so-called “sanitary zone.” No, in order to launch attacks on the Bilgorod region.

    Military expert Vladislav Seleznyov calls the 10th herb a reconnaissance battle to identify weaknesses in the Ukrainian defense. Vovchansk has been fortified well, but control over it is lost due to the fact that Russia’s resources will not be buried. It’s difficult to predict, but the occupiers are unlikely to hesitate and need to prepare for new attacks at the beginning of the gathering of the Kharkiv region. Although the regional center is worried, there is no threat of a great offensive of the Russian Federation.

    Read more in the material “The cordon is 10 km away. What kind of threat does Vovchanska expect in the evening of the Kharkov region.”

    Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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