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A regime of complete political indifference – a sociologist spoke about Putin’s real rating in the Russian Federation

Russian opposition journalist and sociologist Igor Yakovenko notes that the majority of citizens of the Russian Federation live in a regime of complete political indifference. For this reason, the real rating of the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin is very low.

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Yakovenko recalled that in Nazi Germany it was pointless to ask questions about Hitler’s popularity or in the Soviet Union to be interested in popular support for Stalin, since there is no objective sociology in a totalitarian state. Therefore, you should not trust polls about the level of trust in the aggressor president in the Russian Federation.

NBN reports this with reference to Apostrophe.

According to the sociologist, conclusions about the real rating a Kremlin dictator can be made only by indirect evidence. The expert notes that 80% of Russians live in a regime of complete political indifference, so support for the head of state is somewhere around 20% — this is his “nuclear” electorate.

The oppositionist believes that citizens of the aggressor country are not interested in politics, since they have never known real elections, because for centuries the Russian people have had no subjectivity.

Recall that Budanov was told about the assassination attempts on Putin. A representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the MOU revealed who is the main threat to the aggressor president.

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