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Expecting a fight with the “rabbit”: Fury spoke disparagingly about the new date of the fight with Usik

ByJohn Newman

Feb 4, 2024

The fight between Alexander Usik and Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury was scheduled for February 17 of this year (in the capital of Saudi Arabia), but due to the British boxer receiving a “training” injury, the fight was forced postponed to a later date – May 18th.

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Photo – instagram.com/tysonfury

About how the “Gypsy King” pompously reacted to the update of the date of the “meeting” with the Ukrainian, revealing what awaits Usik during the battle, writes “ NBN”, referring to the official Instagram account of Tyson Fury.

According to the Briton, he has already been familiarized with the new date of the fight, and therefore is impatiently awaiting the time when he will finally “break the rabbit “

It should be added that this time, the Saudi organizers have taken measures to prevent the long-awaited fight from being disrupted: the fight will take place in any situation, both with Fury and without – if If the “Gypsy King” does not enter the ring on the date described above, he will be subject to penalties, and another contender for the “absolute” title will be appointed in his place. At the same time, a similar punishment was provided for Usik.

Earlier we wrote that the pre-fight Usik vs. They intended to reschedule Fury for June, not May.


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