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Pensions and salaries of public sector employees in 2024: Shmygal replied that there will be payments

The day before, a warning was sounded from the head of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine Oksana Zholnovych – the traditional indexation of pension benefits scheduled for March 1 could be canceled if partner countries delay the provision of financial assistance, but for the “age-related” payments themselves, funds in there will still be some in the budget, and some nuances have now become known.

Pensions and salaries of public sector employees in 2024 : Shmygal answered that there will be payments

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About the fact that pension benefits for senior citizens, as well as salaries for teachers and doctors of Ukraine, will continue to be accrued on a regular basis, and the March indexation will take place in accordance with legal norms, writes NBN, citing the prime minister’s explanation -Minister Denis Shmygal, published on the official page of the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to Shmygal, covering the lack of funds in the State Budget 2024 (at least $37 billion in foreign assistance is needed), as well as the macro-financial situation in general, have become the subject of intense discussions in the media space in recent days. In particular, the Ukrainian government certainly counts on the support of our international partners, since agreements have been concluded with 11 states regarding the implementation of long-term financing programs. In addition, there are similar projects—expanded financial support from the IMF and other international organizations.

Thus, the government is clearly aware of what tools and options it has, and because:

Pensions will be paid on time in the future. Indexation will take place in March 2024, as provided by law. The salaries of teachers and doctors will also be paid on time.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the PFU showed how payments would increase from next year.


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