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Personnel shortage in Ukraine: what specialists are currently critically lacking in the country’s schools and hospitals

ByJohn Newman

Feb 24, 2024

Recently, information appeared – due to the increased mobilization of men in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in our country there is a great demand for blue-collar jobs, for example, drivers, mechanics or builders, but, as it turned out, this is not all the changes on the domestic labor market.

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Personnel shortage in Ukraine: what specialists are now critically lacking in the country's schools and hospitals

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About the fact that a significant shortage of offers from job seekers in Ukraine is observed in the spheres of education and healthcare, writes NBN, referring to the statement of the acting. Head of the Department for Implementation of Employment Policy of the State Employment Center Elena Melnik, published in RBC-Ukraine.

As it became known, in the middle of this month, in the education and science sector of our country there were no less than 5,600 job offers, while there were only no more than 3,500 teachers registered with the State Employment Service. In addition, in medicine and pharmaceuticals there were more than 13 000 vacancies and 5 200 people who were registered to look for work in appropriate positions.

In particular, the greatest shortage of personnel is now observed in the following specialties:

  • for teachers-speech therapists — 254 vacancies and 14 applicants for jobs;
  • for general practitioners — 224/29 respectively ;
  • for general practitioners —192/18;
  • for psychiatrists —104/3.

Earlier we wrote about that analysts have named specialties, income from which allows you to quickly purchase an apartment in the capital.


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