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The 3rd Special Brigade stated that the occupiers could open a new offensive direction at the front

ByJohn Newman

Mar 27, 2024

Deputy commander of the 3rd Separate Brigade, Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Maxim Zhorin, said that the “second army of the world” this year can open a new active offensive direction at the front in Ukraine.

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B The 3rd Brigade stated that the invaders could open a new offensive direction at the front

Photo – ria.ru

On air “Espresso” “The serviceman said that this year the Russian Armed Forces can accumulate enough manpower and equipment to try to open at least one new direction for an active offensive, NBN reports.

According to Zhorin, you can guess where the army is Putin will begin to attack, taking into account those directions that are important for the enemy and where there are places that he could try to press.

The deputy commander of the 3rd Brigade noted that one of the directions for starting an offensive operation is the invaders they are considering the border with the aggressor country.

The major added that today the main efforts of the Russian Armed Forces have been concentrated in the Avdeevka area. The “liberators” will transfer reserves to this front zone until they decide that they have achieved their goals.

Recall that ISW confirmed that the Russian troops are accumulating reserves. Analysts have assessed the possibility of a large-scale offensive by the “second army of the world” this year.


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