• 23/07/2024 01:47

The Central Tax Service explained what the Kremlin’s real goals are by opening “Putin’s representative office” in the occupied Kherson region

Moscow does not stop playing a show under the dubious name “elections”, which have not only an obvious but also a hidden purpose, in addition to demonstrating support for Putin’s Nazism by ordinary Russians.


Photo – sprotyv.mod.gov.ua

About the fact that in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, such a farce is supposed to show the “legality” of the occupation, due to the allegedly massive turnout of local residents (for this purpose, the pseudo-elections were extended for 3 days, allowing voting at the place of residence) , writes “NBN”, referring to the “Center of National Resistance”.

As it became known, in the framework of the preparation for the simulation of the expression of will, on the Left Bank of the Kherson region, the occupation “authorities” have formed the “election headquarters of Vladimir Putin” , the responsibilities of whose representatives include supervising the actions of Russian “volunteers” brought to this Ukrainian region for the sake of falsifications and extras.

In particular, “volunteers” are now collecting signatures for the nomination of the international criminal Putin in presidents —potential voters are forced to give an “autograph” by armed occupiers.

Earlier, we wrote that the CNS listed factors indicating increasing discontent among the population in HERE is the east of Ukraine.< /p>


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