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The combat effectiveness of Putin's army is falling due to massive desertion – CNS

In the temporarily occupied territories (HERE) of Zaporozhye, the dynamics of growing demoralization among the “manpower” of Putin’s army has recently been recorded.

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About the fact that the “liberators” abuse not only alcohol, after which they make a decision regarding the “decrease” from the places of military service in the south of our country, writes NBN “, referring to material from the Center for National Resistance (CNS).

In particular, throughout April, the level of offensive potential in the ranks of the “second army of the world” dropped somewhat, which is caused not only by heavy losses on the front line, but by a number of related problems among the invaders.

For example, in accordance with the available information, in the vicinity of Tokmak, representatives of the Russian occupation forces of “Caucasian appearance” began to actively drink alcoholic beverages, while being under the influence of narcotic substances. As a result of this “rest,” in this direction, scenarios with these individuals leaving combat positions, including preliminary fights between unit personnel, have become more frequent.

For the reasons described above, the command of Putin’s army, in particular,  – tactical level, not in a position to fully fulfill their own duties, that is, to control subordinates, since officers of the RF Armed Forces are predominantly demotivated after forced mobilization.

Earlier, we wrote about how Budanov explained the mass desertion of mercenaries from Nepal from Putin’s army.

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