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The GVA announced the time frame within which the entire population of Volchansk will be evacuated

After the intensification of the offensive of the Russian occupation forces in the Kharkov region on May 10, Volchansk found itself on the line of attack of the invaders, who regularly shelled or dropped aerial bombs on residential areas of the city, as a result of which the evacuation of residents was announced.

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O  how long the local authorities expect to evacuate all residents of Volchansk, as a result of the offensive of Putin’s army in the Kharkov region, which actually ended up on the front line, NBN writes, citing a statement by the head of the Volchansk city military administration (GVA) Tamaz Gambarashvili, published by Radio Liberty.

According to the head of the GVA, as of 10 o’clock in the evening of Sunday, May 12, the administration’s hotline received at least 250 applications from citizens, trying to get out as soon as possible. At the same time, the morning number of identical requests may increase significantly, since the information is still being processed.

Gambarashvili emphasized:

The first teams have already gone around the city to evacuate people. I think that within 24 hours we will be able to evacuate the entire population.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the National Police reported on the situation around Volchansk on May 12, naming the number of those remaining residents.

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