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The OPU commented on Ermak’s “statement” about keeping Ukraine’s borders closed after the end of the war

The day before, in anonymous Telegram channels and blogs, some Ukrainians on social networks circulated information – after the end of the war, Ukraine will not open its borders and will extend the martial law regime.

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About , that such a statement was allegedly made by the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Ermak in an interview for Politico, but in fact this is not so, writes NBN, citing a refutation published in the official Telegram channel of the Center for Strategic communications (CSK).

As it became known during the “investigation” process, no of the above-described statements from the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine (OPU) were identified on the Politico website. In addition, senior adviser to the head of the OPU Daria Zarivnaya has already responded to this misinformation, emphasizing that such “planted” warnings, like a “quote” from the head of the Office Andrei Ermak in the publication Politico, are fake, that is, all this the story is entirely and completely fictitious.

Zarivnaya emphasized:

Andrey Ermak did not give any such comments. Always check the information!

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