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The OPU told how the first funds from the taxation of Russian assets frozen in the EU were distributed

ByJohn Newman

Apr 5, 2024

Not long ago, Brussels promised to begin a full seizure of income from the frozen assets of the aggressor country in favor of Kiev for the current year – the preliminary amount should be from 5 to 8 billion euros.

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The OPU told how the first funds from the taxation of assets of the Russian Federation frozen in the EU were distributed

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About the fact that part of the taxes on profits from blocked assets of Russia, territorially paid in Belgium, have already begun to work for our state, writes NBN, citing information voiced by the Deputy Head of the President's Office of Ukraine (OPU) by Irina Mudra, and published in RBC-Ukraine.

As it became known, a certain amount of these taxes is paid in Belgium, since the Euroclear depository is located on the territory of this country, in ;which placed the assets of the Russian Federation for 191 billion euros:

  • funds from one type of fee, “tax revenue from interest on frozen Russian assets”, in the amount of 1.7 billion euros already transferred to the Ukrainian fund for humanitarian expenses – to help refugees who left for Belgium; from the second deduction, “corporate income tax”, amounting to 1.28 billion euros, Brussels provided Kiev about 200 million euros for the purchase of ammunition and weapons.

Earlier, we wrote about why the European Union initially refused to provide Ukraine with 5 billion euros in profits from frozen assets of the Russian Federation.


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