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Their spine will break – the head of the GVA spoke about the progress of the invaders’ offensive on Avdiivka

The head of the Avdeevka city military administration, Vitaly Barabash, said that fierce fighting continues in the area of ​​the settlement, and the “second army of the world” is trying to capture it in time for the New Year.

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On the air of the Espresso TV channel, the head The GVA reported that the Russians are rushing to occupy Avdiivka by the end of the week. To achieve this, the command of the Russian Armed Forces is sparing neither manpower nor equipment, NBN reports.

The official noted that Putin’s troops are trying to cordon off the city. During the assaults they suffer heavy losses every day. Over the past 24 hours in the Avdeevka area, about 50 “liberators” went to the “Kobzon concert”, about 100 became the “cargo of 300”.

Barabash noted that for the “second army of the world” the Avdeevka “meat grinder” is working at full capacity power. The head of the GVA expressed confidence that the invaders would not just “break their teeth” in this city, they would “break their spine.”

The official recalled that the Russian Armed Forces intended to occupy Avdeevka until December 14. He has no doubt that Putin’s army will not complete the task either by the New Year or by the fake elections.

Previously, Barabash told how the tactics of the assault on Avdeevka by the Russians have changed.

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