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There are still those who are listed as missing: Nebytov about the number of Bucha residents killed by the Russians

ByJohn Newman

Mar 31, 2024

After Bucha was liberated from the Russian invaders, 422 killed civilians were found in the city. 1,190 bodies were found in the area. These figures are not final. There are also missing people. Their search continues to this day.

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As NBN reports, Andrei Nebytov, deputy head of the NPU, informed about this.

Verbatim from Nebytov’s statement made on his Facebook page:

Bucha. The air smells of blood. This smell will stay with me forever. Torture. Entire families, children – killed, tortured, burned. It's impossible to forget. After de-occupation, 422 killed civilians were found in Bucha; a total of 1,190 bodies were discovered in the Buchansky district. And these numbers are not final… There are missing people, their search continues.

Thus, according to Nebitov, many of the Russian criminals have already been found. The NPU has launched more than 116,000 criminal proceedings on facts of war crimes by Russia on the territory of our country. Of these, 23 000 were carried out on the territory of the Kiev region.

514 residents of the Kiev region are considered missing, 180 bodies of Ukrainian citizens remain unrecognized, the official noted.

Remember, exactly two years ago, On March 31, 2022, Bucha was liberated from Russian invaders.


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