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Yevlash explained the absence of night attacks by the occupiers “Shaheds” on Ukraine in recent days

ByJohn Newman

Apr 26, 2024

Speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force, Major Ilya Yevlash, explained why in recent days the troops of the Russian Federation have not attacked our country at night with kamikaze “Shahed” drones.

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Photo – tvzvezda.ru

The speaker of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces commented on the absence of night attacks by Russian invaders with strike UAVs over the past few days, NBN reports.

The major noted that Putin’s army may not use kamikaze drones for attacks on Ukraine for several reasons – the enemy can track and expect steps from on our side, or this is the calm before a large-scale shelling. Yevlash noted that our country will find out what is causing the pause in strike drone attacks later.

The journalist asked whether the relatively calm nights in Ukraine were related to yesterday’s activity of the MiG-31K supersonic fighter of the “second army of the world.”

According to a representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this combat aircraft takes to the skies not only to bombard our country. The fighter can carry out flights that are associated with other reasons, for example, for patrolling.

Earlier, Yevlash admitted that the arrival of American assistance could provoke air terror by the Russian Armed Forces.


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