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How to Increase Wrist Strength: 3 Super Simple Exercises for You

Our wrists are one of the most commonly used joints in our body. But they rarely get the attention they deserve. Having strong and stable wrists is about more than just being able to perform well in the gym. This can make a big difference in your daily life. How to increase wrist strength?

Content What are the key muscles involved in wrist strength?3 Key Exercises for Developing Wrist StrengthHow to Increase Wrist Strength: Wrist CurlsHow to Increase Wrist Strength:Reverse Wrist CurlsHow to Increase Wrist Strength:Wrist Rotations

You will find many guides on the Internet on stretching and mobility exercises. WomanEL has collected for you the TOP 3 that you need to add to your daily routine.

What are the key muscles involved in wrist strength?

Think about how many times you use your wrists every day. Whether you're carrying shopping, riding a bike, or typing on your laptop, having strong wrists makes things a lot easier.

“Wrist strength provides the foundation for various movements in our daily lives and workouts,” explains Levi Kinchant, personal trainer at The Body Lab in London. “From weightlifting to downward-facing dogs, your wrists are the unsung champions of stability, balance and injury prevention.”

When we talk about wrist strength, we're not just talking about the ball and joint that allow the joint to move. . We're talking about the muscles that are located in and around this area.

“Several muscles contribute to wrist strength, including the forearm flexors, extensors, and stabilizers,” Kinchant explains. “Strengthening these muscles not only improves wrist stability, but also increases grip strength and overall upper body functionality. But since more than one muscle is involved, no single exercise will be sufficient to build strength.”

3 Key Exercises for Developing Wrist Strength

Training your wrists will help you not only in training, but also in everyday life, Source: freepik.com

As with all types of strength training, you need to perform these exercises regularly, using progressively heavier weights (or tighter resistance bands) to see progress. Just try to take the exercises slowly and don't push too hard – the last thing you want is to sprain your wrist because you did too many reps or tried to lift a weight heavier than usual.

How to Increase Wrist Strength: Wrist Curls

The wrist curl is as easy as it sounds. “Hold a light dumbbell or resistance band in your hand, palm facing up,” says Kinchant. “Slowly lift your wrist up, then lower it back down. Aim for two to three sets of 12 to 15 reps.”

If you don't have dumbbells or bands, you can use any old can or bottle to start. Then, once you're comfortable with that weight, you can consider investing in equipment.

How to Increase Wrist Strength: Reverse Wrist Curls

“Reverse wrist curls are similar to wrist curls, but this time your palm is facing down,” Kinchant explains. “Lift the weight by bending your wrist up, then lower it back down. Perform two or three sets of 12-15 repetitions.”

Alternating between different arms and curl directions will help you shorten your workout and use your time more efficiently, but be sure to rest if necessary.

How to Increase Wrist Strength: Wrist Rotations

Your Wrist – incredibly flexible joint. And wrist rotations can help you maximize its movement potential by strengthening the muscles you use in the process.

“Hold a light weight or resistance band with your arms extended in front of you,” says Kinchant. “Rotate your wrists slowly in a circle, alternating between clockwise and counterclockwise motions. Perform two or three sets of 10-12 rotations in each direction.”

Doing planks and your wrists hurt? Does this mean you are doing something wrong? Yes, but we know how to solve the problem and ease the pain.

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