• 23/06/2024 18:14

In the world of YouTube: MrBeast received a unique award for the most subscribers

Social media content creation as we know it today began on YouTube many years ago.

There was a time when YouTubers took their first steps on the Internet without the intention of making money, because back then it was an ordinary «hobby».

But over the years, this has completely changed, and content creation is now a job for many, and not just any, but the one that modern youth dreams of. Despite this, it is very difficult to achieve success on social networks, and to be near the «top» almost impossible.

In the world of social media and new platforms, many people make a living from their own work, but only a select few belong to the “elite”, people who have also become “superstars”, as in the case of MrBeast.

Thanks to his crazy videos, the American created a personal channel that has the largest number of subscribers on YouTube in the world — 240 million. This is what allowed him to receive a unique reward for more than 200 million subscribers, a copy of his logo in a 3D diamond, reports WomanEL, citing a Marca source.

New achievement for MrBeast. Source: YouTube

The video platform is characterized by the recognition it provides to YouTubers. This comes in the form of plaques that are given as gifts whenever a certain number of subscribers are reached, ranging from 100,000 to 200 million, at least for now. Here are the different YouTube tables:

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