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Rebrov commented on the victory of the Ukrainian national team over the Bosnians in the semi-finals of the Euro 2024 qualifying playoffs

ByИван Дунаев

Mar 22, 2024

 Rebrov commented on the victory of the Ukrainian national team over the Bosnians in the semi-finals of the Euro 2024 qualifying playoffs

Also the mentor of the “blue-yellows” spoke about the upcoming decisive game with Iceland.

The head coach of the Ukrainian national team Sergei Rebrov commented on the victory over the team of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the semi-final match of the play-off selection for Euro 2024.

The match at the Bilino Pole stadium in Bosnian Zenica ended with the score 1:2 in favor of the Ukrainians. Rebrov's team lost, but made a comeback and won a ticket to the playoff finals for reaching the continental championship.

After the match with the Bosnians ended, Rebrov answered questions from journalists. The coach of the “blue-yellows” is quoted by the official website of the UAF.

– What analysis can you give after such a game? What did you change in the last minutes of the match to turn the tide? What did youtell Roman Yaremchuk?

– He told me to score a goal. Indeed, we changed the course of the match in the last 15 minutes. We expected a very difficult game, the Bosnia and Herzegovina team changed their structure and played with three central defenders. It was such a difficult game because the home team defended very well, so it was difficult to break down that defensive line. It's good that we won.

You made the right decisions with the substitutions. What can you say about the game?

– Today we played against a strong opponent. The hosts operated with three centre-backs, which had never happened before under this coach. The Bosnians defended themselves well; it was difficult to pass this wall. We changed the structure and brought in a second forward. I think it helped, we scored twice.

– Do you agree with the opinion that the Bosnia and Herzegovina team lost to itself?

– I don’t think so I think. Our players tried to put more pressure, we changed the structure of the game a little. Perhaps the Bosnian team was not ready for this structure. Maybe that's the problem. We created chances in the last 15 minutes, the players showed desire and we won.

How important is this victory for people in Ukraine, especially considering the night attack on Kyiv?

– I told my players about this before the match. I hope our team brought some positivity to our people. As you said, there were 30 rockets last night. They fly every day. Our mission is to show that we are still alive, still fighting the Russians, that we still need support from Europe. This game showed the character of our players and our nation.

How would you rate the performance of the debutants of the Ukrainian national team?

– They helped the team a lot. Vladimir Brazhko is a young player who played very powerfully. As did Alexey Gutsulyak, who came on as a substitute. The whole team deserved the victory, I won’t single out anyone.

– The next few days will be very eventful. Ahead is theduel with Iceland. How do you rate this opponent?Perhaps you have already carried out some kind of tactical preparation for the Icelanders before?

– Yes, we reviewed the Icelanders. But now it will be a completely different game. We will play in Poland, where there will be a lot of our fans. I'm sure the stadium will be filled, everyone will be waiting for the match. First of all, the players must recover, this is very important now. There will be a different game ahead and a different mood for our players.

In the final of the playoff qualifying for Euro 2024, the “blue-yellows” will compete for a ticket to the European Championship with Iceland, which was defeatedIsrael (4:1).

The match between Ukraine and Iceland will take place on Tuesday, March 26, at the Tarczynski Arena Wroclaw stadium in Wroclaw, Poland. The starting whistle will sound at 21:45 Kyiv time.

We would like to remind you that if they reach the Euro 2024 final tournament the Ukrainian national team will play there in Group E against Belgium, Slovakia and Romania.

The matches of the Euro 2024 final tournament from June 14 to July 14, 2024 will be held in Germany.


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