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Utilities have become more expensive in Ukraine: for which service has the cost increased the most – State Statistics Service

In Ukraine, the price of utilities has increased: for which service the cost has increased the most? State Statistics Service

The State Statistics Service told us for which utility service the tariff has increased more.

In Ukraine, the cost of utility services for the year – from March 2023 to March 2024 – generally increased by 12.8%.

The State Statistics Service writes about this.

Electricity, for example, rose in price by 69.7%. However, water supply services fell in price by 0.8%.

What other services have increased in price:

  • management services for apartment buildings – by 5.1% ;
  • housing maintenance and repair – 3.1%;
  • garbage collection – 1.6%.

 In Ukraine, the price of utilities has increased: for what service the cost has increased more – State Statistics Service

Tariffs have not changed for:

  • natural gas;
  • hot water and heating.

What has fallen in price:

  • water supply by 0.8%;
  • sewerage – by 0.5%.

Let us remind you that Ukrainians can pay less for low-quality utilities – what is needed for this.


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