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What are the limits for cash withdrawals at ATMs in Ukraine and where else can you withdraw money?

What are the limits for cash withdrawals at ATMs in Ukraine and where else can you withdraw money

In addition to limits on cash withdrawals, banks also set limits for money transfers from card to card.

In Ukraine, limits were set on cash withdrawals from ATMs after the outbreak of a full-scale war in order to avoid cash shortages. Each bank sets its own limit on the amount.

This is evidenced by information from the National Bank of Ukraine.

Cash withdrawal limit at ATMs

Cash withdrawal limit at PrivatBank “is 20 thousand UAH at a time. The next operation to withdraw cash from an ATM of this bank can be carried out only after three hours.

At an ATM “Oshchadbank”you can withdraw no more than 50 thousand UAH per day. The number of times you can use ATMs is unlimited. That is, you can withdraw different amounts from an ATM, but you will not be able to exceed the daily limit of 50 thousand.

Where you can Withdraw cash, except ATMs

Cash can be withdrawn in stores, gas stations and pharmacies.

For example, in the ATB-Market, Silpo, Fora chains, Varus, Fozzy, “LotOK”, Trash!, “Tochka” you can withdraw up to 6000 UAH.

In the networks “Sim23” and EVA you can withdraw 2000 UAH.

In the NOVUS and Roshen networks you can withdraw 500 UAH.

At OKKO and WOG gas stations you can withdraw cash up to 6,000 UAH; at Ukrnafta gas stations – up to 5000 UAH; at the “BRSM-Nafta” gas station – 500 UAH.

6000 UAH of cash can be withdrawn at the following pharmacies: “White Chamomile”, “ANC Pharmacy”, “Pharmacy 911”, “MedService”. Cash (the amount is not specified) can also be obtained at the “Good Day Pharmacy”, “Kopeyka Pharmacy”, “Wholesale Price Pharmacy”.

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Limits for transfers from card to card

In addition to limits on cash withdrawals, banks also set limits on money transfers from card to card. Everything to combat fraud and money laundering.

Note that the limits apply not only to the amount of transfers, but also to the number of transactions. They are different in each bank.

Transfer limits in PrivatBank

So, transfer limits in PrivatBank between individuals are set at different levels – it all depends on whether the client receives money or sends. However, in any case, you can transfer UAH 29,999 from card to card at a time.

Limits for the recipient of money:

Transfer limits in Monobank

Monobank has the following limits on transfers between individuals:

For P2P transfers to foreign cards, you can transfer up to 30 thousand UAH in equivalent in one transaction, but not less than 1 USD/1 EUR/1 UAH; Five such transactions are allowed per week and 10 per month;

For transfers abroad via SWIFT, the NBU limit on investments abroad applies. Transfers within this limit are carried out with supporting documents: the amount of transactions should not exceed 200 thousand euros for a calendar year.

We recall that in February, Deputy Head of the National Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova announced that the NBU may introduce new restrictions on card transfers individuals, but the decision has not yet been made.

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