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Will there be a sharp rise in the dollar exchange rate: a disappointing forecast from an economist

 Will there be a sharp growth of the dollar exchange rate: disappointing forecast of the economist

The National Bank will gradually move to a more flexible exchange rate setting.

There is no threat of a sharp increase in the dollar exchange rate, but fluctuations the rate will be.

Economist, former adviser to the President of Ukraine on economic issues Oleg Ustenko spoke about this during the telethon.

“I would contact the state budget, in the state budget the rate (average annual) “It is precisely set at the level of approximately 40 hryvnia for 1 dollar, so I don’t think that we can expect any significant exchange rate fluctuations. They will fluctuate within the limits of what we see now” , noted the economist.

In his opinion, the National Bank will gradually move to a more flexible exchange rate setting.

“They have all the levers to smooth out any such significant exchange rate fluctuations. And plus or minus 2-3% to the rate that we saw a week, 2 weeks ago – this is more or less acceptable,” he added.

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