• 15/07/2024 17:31

Services for replacing a driver's license and re-registering a car will be temporarily unavailable at Die

The services of replacing a driver's license and re-registering cars will not be available at Die temporarily. This was reported by the press service of “Diya”.


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This is due to the replacement of tariffs for administrative services for drivers from January 1.

“Starting from the new year, the cost of administrative services for drivers will increase – this is the decision made by the government . The Ministry of Internal Affairs service center needs time to make changes. Therefore, related services in “Die” will be temporarily unavailable, namely, replacement of a driver’s license and re-registration of a car,” the message says.

Die noted that services will be resumed in a few days.< /p>


The “Ministry of Finance” wrote that the Cabinet of Ministers increased the cost of a number of services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from January 1, 2024.

In particular, the cost of territorial services is increasing bodies for the provision of service services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs:

    the issuance of a driver’s license for the right to drive vehicles increased from 26 to 230 UAH; passing the theoretical exam – from 13 to 250 UAH; passing the practical exam – from 13 to 420 UAH; registration, re-registration of wheeled vehicles of all categories with the issuance of a registration certificate or its formation in electronic form and the assignment of an alphanumeric combination of license plates with or without their issuance, deregistration of a vehicle with the issuance of a registration card and license plates for one-time trips with 200 to 350 UAH.


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