• 14/07/2024 13:36

An entire ecosystem has been discovered under the planet: scientists say what exactly they found

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This information was reported by Greek Reporter, reports URA-Inform.

Water Underground?

Discovering this reservoir of water is quite a find. This is water trapped in crystals of ringwoodite, a special type of rock that is a kind of sponge that absorbs and retains water in its crystalline structure. Geophysicist Steve Jacobsen explains that ringwoodite is a magnesium silicate formed under extreme pressure.

This mineral, previously discovered on a meteorite in the 1960s, is now found to be common underground.< /p>

What is this ecosystem?

Researchers have also discovered a whole new ecosystem beneath the earth's surface, upending the usual idea of ​​a dead world at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, at a depth of approximately 2500 meters below sea level.

Worms, snails and chemosynthetic bacteria live in these inaccessible and difficult conditions for life. For now, the details about them remain a mystery and require further study.

Discoveries of this kind remind us how huge and mysterious our world is, and how little we know about its hidden depths.

Let us remind you that US scientists have created something that will observe people from space: details.

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