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How to clean fish without a knife in a few minutes: an easy way to get rid of scales

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Cooking fish for lunch or dinner can be an unpleasant experience due to the labor-intensive cleaning process, especially when it comes to carnivorous species with small and sharp scales.

This information was reported by Ukr.media, reports URA-Inform.  

However, there is an effective way that will allow you to get rid of this painful task without a knife. To do this, you only need two pans.

In one of them, heat the water to a boil. When the water boils, you need to take the fish by the gills and lower it into boiling water so that the carcass is completely submerged. Then immediately transfer the fish to another pan with cold water.

After a minute, you need to take out the fish and start removing the scales with your hand or a regular sponge. The scales will come off easily and effortlessly. After this, you just rinse the fish with water, gut it and cook according to your own recipe.

With this method, cooking fish will become much more enjoyable and faster, and it will appear on your table much more often.

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