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How to recognize an intelligent person: scientists talk about what qualities give him away

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Researchers have made an attempt to identify and systematize the personality characteristics of people with outstanding mental abilities, citing the latest scientific research.

This information was reported by PsyBlog, reports URA-Inform.

Primary output

The first major discovery that came out of the experiment was related to conscientiousness, which refers to being diligent, organized, and reliable. Scientists have found a direct connection between conscientiousness and intelligence levels in women. Girls who strive for order and regularity demonstrate higher IQ scores, which confirms the importance of consistency and responsibility in achieving outstanding results.

But not everything is so simple

On the other hand, the opposite trend was found among young people: those who tend to be relaxed and careless have higher intelligence. This interesting finding highlights the differences in learning approaches between boys and girls.

The scientists also paid attention to the character and temperament of the study participants. Introverts who preferred peace and quiet demonstrated higher mental abilities and better learning results due to their ability to concentrate and lack of distractions.

Bottom Line

However, in addition to character, scientists have identified the important role of fear in achieving success. Students who felt mild anxiety about their performance demonstrated better academic results, indicating the motivating influence of fear on the effectiveness of the educational process.

The study emphasizes the need for an individual approach to each student in the educational process, taking into account their unique characteristics and abilities. This will make it possible to effectively use the potential of each child and help them achieve outstanding results not only in school, but also in life.

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