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NASA warned that an apocalypse is coming from outer space: how long will it last?

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Scientists warn that such a scenario would be triggered by a strong solar storm.

This information was reported by Pixelinform, URA-Inform reports.  

NASA is urgently warning about the alleged Internet apocalypse that could happen in the next decade. And it will last not three days, but several months or even years.

According to the publication, solar storms can damage the Earth's communication networks. A federal agency recently reported that a robotic spacecraft called Parker Solar Probe (PSP) successfully passed through the solar wind for the first time after years of studying the solar crust.

According to scientists, electrical failure may occur precisely because a solar storm, in other words, due to winds charged by particles coming out of the Sun's outer atmosphere. The stronger the wind — the worse its consequences on Earth.

This could cause problems for satellites or astronauts in low Earth orbit. It could also disrupt electrical and communications systems on Earth.

&#171 “This Internet apocalypse will not only force earthlings to go offline and disconnect from the digital world, but will also make power lines and satellites virtually unnecessary,” the message says.

Now experts are trying to understand mechanism of these flows to determine its next steps.

«This will impact our ability to understand how the sun releases energy and causes geomagnetic storms that pose a threat to our communications networks», — says Professor Stuart Bale, leader of this study.

Scientists want to understand whether it is possible to redirect the flow of winds so that they pass by the Earth without harming our planet.

Recall that it was previously reported that a volcano in Antarctica began to emit gold dust: details.

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