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Scientists have created something that will save millions: in the USA they explained how they did it

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This information was reported by the Daily Mail, reports URA-Inform.

What was done?

An artificial womb could become available as early as this year, according to research, providing new prospects for saving the lives of babies born prematurely. Scientists note the importance of this discovery as it is estimated that thanks to the innovative technology, about 15 million premature babies could survive each year. Underdevelopment of the lungs, often associated with early birth, makes it difficult for infants to adapt to breathing air after a period of development in the amniotic fluid.


Experts report more than 300 successful tests on lambs born at 23-24 weeks' gestation, equivalent to human 23-24 weeks' gestation. An important point in the operation of an artificial uterus is the connection of the umbilical cord to an oxygenator, which ensures blood circulation and the creation of an environment similar to the environment before the birth of the child.

Discovery prospects

FDA officials have already discussed next steps in conducting human clinical trials, with a decision expected by the end of 2024. The researchers emphasize that the artificial uterus does not aim to completely replace the natural one, but could be a revolution in saving the lives of premature babies, giving them additional time to fully develop. The developers of the method emphasize that their goal is to help children overcome the difficult period after premature birth.

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