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Where the most cases have been filed against evaders: the police provided data

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This information was reported by Rbc, reports URA-Inform.  

In Ukraine, the police opened 9,620 cases under the article on evading mobilization. The largest number of proceedings are in the Transcarpathian (1053) and Dnepropetrovsk (934) regions.

At the same time, almost 2.5 thousand cases are already being considered by the courts, and 4.5 thousand, that is, about half — were closed.

Leading legal adviser of Nota Group Anton Marynich noted that such heterogeneous judicial practice obviously indicates that in Ukraine they do not yet quite understand what to do with draft dodgers. In Ukrainian legislation there is no such thing as a “deviator.”

According to him, this is informal terminology, it is not legal to characterize the actions of an individual.

«It’s just like when you steal you’re called a thief, when you cheat — a fraudster. But there is no such procedural status. In fact, a «draft dodger» may be considered a person liable for military service against whom criminal proceedings have been opened, and the criminal case itself is opened when he ignored the «combat» agenda», — he summarized.

Recall that it was previously reported what unconstitutional norms there are in the mobilization project: Lubinets named the positions.

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