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Why is there a hidden compartment in a washing machine: everyone is amazed by the “find” inside it (video)

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This information was reported by Mirror, reports URA-Inform.  

Washing machines have a hidden compartment, however, few people know what it is for. Washing machines keep our clothes and clothes clean, but they also need to be cleaned regularly.

Many people rarely clean washing machines properly and thoroughly. However, this can affect its operation and the efficiency of washing.

As it turns out, all the dirt from the clothes and things that you once washed accumulates in the hidden part of the washing machine. The dirtier the hiding place in the washing machine, the worse the machine will work.

It is worth trying to open and remove the plastic handle, which is located at the bottom of the washing drum. In particular, one woman accidentally found such a compartment and was amazed by what was there.


Saw someone do this on TikTok and I had to try it #washer #cleantok #laundry #laundryhack #laundrymachine #cleaningtiktok

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