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Don't worry. The Russian Federation is vikorist on the front of “the fierce remaining hope”: what about the language?

Russian occupiers in Zaporizkiye directly will more often stagnate ammunition due to war guilt.

< p>Dmytro Likhovy, river officer of the Tavriysky Defense Forces, stated this directly, RBC-Ukraine reported on the telethon.

“What does Zaporizky worry about directly, I can tell you this information, as there is little concern – growing In January, ammunition runs out more often with urgent speech,” said Vin.

According to the words of Likhoviya, for the entire previous period – from Monday to week – nearly 60 skids of grenades with acute speech were recorded, choking-slyusogenic, especially chlorine pikrin or something similar .

“For yesterday's production there were nine such discounts. Mostly everything is on Zaporizhzhya directly. This is evidence that the enemy cannot achieve the completion of his tasks in the most basic way – artillery, aviation, FPV drone oh, the stinks are going on what kind of “ancient remaining hope” – these are chemically poisonous words, if they want to kill our military from the trenches in such a manner. take fate from these skids,” Rospov Vin.

Other similar incidents

Last year, the Tavria River Riverman bluntly stated that the Russians dropped ammunition and chemical armor on the ZSU position nine times in one day. The trap that the Russians threw is similar to the one that the police are using to disperse rallies. Rechnik added that the occupiers are no longer ready to fight this war on the front.

Since then, the Russians have launched 346 chemical attacks against the Ukrainian military.

ISW analysts also noted that the Russian army dedali The chemical weapons against the ZSU have begun to be promoted more often.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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