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DTEK announced a shutdown of thermal power plants due to shelling

The plant stopped producing electricity as a result of the Russian attack

DTEK reported the shutdown of the thermal power plant due to shelling//></p>
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<p>The DTEK company reported that as a result of a night Russian attack, one of the thermal power plants. According to preliminary information posted in a statement on DTEK's official Facebook page, there were no casualties as a result of the shelling. After the shelling stopped, employees began to eliminate the consequences. The station's equipment was seriously damaged, electricity generation was suspended. DTEK claims that it is synchronizing its actions with Ukrenergo. They do not report which plant in question for security reasons.</p>
<p>According to the company, the last time their thermal power plants were targeted by the enemy was on the night of February 2-3. </p>
<li> At night, the Russians attacked the Dnieper. Electricity partially disappeared in the city and problems arose with water supply. </li>
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