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Fedorov spoke about the reasons for the failure of the “Diya” robot in the hour of selection for Eurobachenya

On Saturday, February 3, Ukrainians will count on the victory of the National Elections Committee for the “European Day 2024” “Shlyakhom golosuvannya in the “Diya” zastosunka. However, this did not happen due to the record number of koristuvachev and the re-vantage of the system.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via a message on Telegram from the Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov.

In other words, on Saturday, February 3, during the “Dia” campaign, a record number of votes was recorded for the entire history of the project: instead of 800 requests per second, as it was near the hour of vote voting, the recorded influx was 15 thousand . asking.

“It is true that with the past fate, we increased the effort by 5 times (and there were more drinks in 20 times). And this is a great lesson. I will ask for this situation. We will provide detailed analysis and analysis From there it is easy to organize make changes to be prepared for similar traffic impacts,” the minister said.

Fedorov noted that the situation is already stabilizing and in a decade the system will ask for a new one, so everyone wants to be able to vote all day long.

“Tsyogorich “Diya” made it possible Play for favorites for extra rewards more and will create dozens of memes. There will be no such thing as a fate that will come,” adding the wine.

The zastosunka “Diya” has been beaten at the robot

The 3rd hour of the peek voting at the zastosunka “Action” has become a slaughter, through which the Ukrainians could not bear cast your vote for your beloved Vikonian at the hour of the national selection for the song competition “Eurobachenya-2024”. The efforts of specialists to increase the efforts of the service did not produce positive results.

The 68th song competition will be held in the Swedish city of Malmo. The first and other finals are scheduled for May 7 and 9, and the grand final is scheduled for May 11.

Previously, we collected all the songs of the participants in the National Election 2024, so that you could choose your favorite and vote for him.

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