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ISW assessed the influx of drone and air attacks on naphtha refining in the Russian Federation

Attacks by Ukrainian drones and recent events in Russia have reduced the refining of Russian oil to the 11-month minimum . Although such a drop in processing obligations is not yet critical for the economy of the aggressor.

RBC-Ukraine reported this to the Institute of Warfare (ISW).

We sent a message to nya agency Bloomberg, in mid-season, Russia was refining 5.22 million barrels of crude oil for production, or 10 thousand. Barels are less than the average price per ear of corn.

According to the agency, today Russia refines 1.23 million barrels of crude oil per day at oil refineries, according to which the Ukrainian military was previously involved in drone strikes. The price is 280 thousand. there are fewer barrels per day, until the beginning of ZSU strikes at factories until the end of 2024. According to Bloomberg, in the 2nd quarter, attacks by Ukrainian drones destroyed 14% of all oil production in Russia.

It also means that the 7th quarter again in the Orenburz region to the completion of the Orsk naphtha refinery plant. Although Reuters reported that the 23rd quarter of this refinery has reinvigorated its operations.

“The change in Russian petroleum refining capacity has obviously prompted Russia to start importing gasoline from Kazakhstan and Belarus in order to solve the shortage problem and try to avoid rising domestic prices gasoline. Although there is no sign that the exchange of production of Russian gasoline is sufficient for international sales market”, – available from ISW.

Russian officials say that the shortening of primary oil refining in 2024 will lead to an increase in the export burden of Russian crude oil, and even Russia will not be able to process as much oil as it refines.

< p>“The upcoming strikes of Ukrainian drones could throw a large part of the Russian oil refining industry out of balance and cause critical disruptions in the Russian oil refining industry, which will begin to contribute significantly to the production styles in Russia. However, Ukrainian strikes from drones still do not have a significant impact on the Russian oil refining industry or on domestic Russian production. “and international supplies of crude oil and distillates,” according to ISW.

Attacks on Russian refineries

In various regions of Russia, local authorities are increasingly worried about “security attacks” “Lotnikiv”.

Over the last month, the Ukrainian Defense Forces, with the help of drones, attacked 12 Russian oil refineries. In the 1st of February, Russia officially stopped the export of gasoline due to a shortage of gasoline.

On the night of the 20th quarter, under the hour of a large-scale ground attack, the sound of a downed drone was detected at the oil depot of the Lukoil company near Smolensk which region. A large-scale fire broke out in the area.

The Presidential Office announced that Ukraine will continue to exploit Russian oil refineries.

Additionally, Russia will continue to suffer due to the flood in the river i Ural dam broke . As a result, the city of Orsk in the Orenburz region went under water, and there were victims. It is expanding again in other regions of the Russian Federation.

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