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ISW explained why Iran’s attempt to launch strikes on Israel “Russian style” failed

Iran yesterday launched a combined strike on Israel using tactics similar to Russian attacks on Ukraine , you can expect a greater effect from the attack. Tehran's protest test, judging from all facts, did not produce a clear result due to a number of reasons.

Such conclusions were reached by analysts at the Institute of Military Sciences, reports RBC-Ukraine in response to communications with ISW.

U The publication indicates that the “package” of missile and drone strikes was simulated by Iran after the fact that Russian fighters have repeatedly fought against Ukraine with a significant effect.

“The attack was largely due to the fact that the Iranians underestimated the great advantages of Israel in defending against such attacks against Ukraine,” experts say.

Thus Well in ISW ​​we respect that the Iranians ” bring lessons from this blow” and work on it, so that in an hour you can improve your ability to break through the defenses of Israel – “as the Russians did in the face of repeated attacks on Ukraine.”

The Iranian strike against the 14th quarter consisted of approximately 170 drones, 30 cruise missiles and 120 ballistic missiles in the air. The kamikaze drones were launched long before they fired ballistic missiles, incredibly, in a shell that could reach the “window” of Israel’s anti-aircraft defense at approximately the same hour that they were firing missiles and UAVs.

> “The Russians have advocated this approach against Ukraine more than once. The aim of such a package is that more winged missiles and drones would suppress the anti-aircraft defense in order to allow ballistic missiles, which It’s more important to achieve your goals,” write experts.

The Institute of Warfare said that the Iranians, having paid for everything, did not pay much for their missiles and drones to attack targets, but, apparently, they assumed that they would produce a significantly larger number of ballistic missiles.

Together Thus, a handful of ballistic missiles with a total of 120 fired penetrated the Israeli anti-aircraft defense and struck near military bases.

“Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense on average destroyed only about 46% of Russian ballistic missiles before the last great strikes. Surely, the Iranians realized that Israeli displays would be the greatest, skі, lest we exceed 90% against such a great volley of ballistic missiles – zrashtoy, Russians no they haven’t launched nearly as many large ballistic missiles in one strike on Ukraine,” according to the source.

Also in ISW ​​they write that the anti-aircraft defense of the ZSU often overtakes 75% of Russian missiles and drones, and much of this overflow “is taking place within the framework of the PPO zone, which also deals with the defense against ballistic missiles.”

“So them The Iranians apparently realized that their drones and missiles would interfere with the Israeli focus on the ballistic missiles that were approaching, although, obviously, it didn’t happen,” analysts report.

Transmission of PPO to Israel

Israel's anti-aircraft defense system has few obvious advantages over the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense, but a further replacement of these advantages may be unreasonable for the Iranian strike planners, going to publication ї ISW.

“The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Israel's allies may richly larger and more reliable anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense systems, as well as reserves of super-survivors for them, lower Ukraine, especially since Ukraine is exhausting its reserves of super-survivors, relying on the modernization of the military oh help from the USA,” experts write.

Krim In addition, Israel in this context is helped by the fact that the country is separated from the territory of Iran by approximately 1000 kilometers.

Israel and its allies fought against it in order to move all the drones and ground-based missiles behind the missile defense and combat aircraft even before they entered the Israeli missile defense zone. Israel and its allies received hundreds of combat aircraft until they began to fight. Ukraine rejects both of these advantages. Iran also does not have access to the range of hypersonic missiles that Russia has been fighting for more reliable penetration into the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense – it is known at the moment,” analysts believe.

The publication also notes , what Ukraine, zokrema, not could use military aircraft for a large-scale shooting down of Russian drones and missiles.

ISW also assumes that Iran will “learn additional lessons from the recent attack” on the evening of the 13th quarter, which is “possible” Here's how to make more successful attacks in the future.”

Iran's attack on Israel

It seems likely that during the 14th century Iran massively attacked Israel with hundreds of attack drones and missiles. or the bullets were beaten, and the defeat from the attack was insignificant .

Israeli President Isaac Herzog called the attack on Iran's side “stunned by war.” In his words, Israel is “considering all options” for an attack, rather than joking about war. Illustrations of Iran's attack on Israel – read in the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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