• 18/07/2024 13:25

Night attack of Russians with drones and ballistics: the Military Forces have learned about the PPO robot

The Russian military attacked the territory of Ukraine today, 28 pm food” and ballistics. The forces of the PPO have lost several strike drones.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from messages sent to the Telegram of the Air Defense Forces of the ZSU.

“At the end of September 28, 2024, the enemy attacked the enemy with very high strike UAVs of the Shahed type -136/131 from a direct route (Primorsko-Okhtarsk, Russian Federation), two Iskander-M missiles in the Poltava region from the Voronezk region of the Russian Federation, and three S-300 missiles in the Donetsk region with time-hour recouped losses to the region,” goes to reported by the Military Forces.

It is widely agreed that the enemy is attacking civilian objects and critical infrastructure in the Poltava, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhya and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

Mobile attack groups of the Russian forces have reduced the number of eight UAVs that the enemy attacked the frontline zone.

Night strike on Ukraine on the 27th

On Saturday evening, on the 27th, near Kremenchutsya and Poltava there were slight shocks, in the lower regions there was a great alarm, in the Ukrainian forces of the ZSU they were warned about the threat of stagnation. istics.

Later, the Poltava OVA reported that Russian troops shelled the Kremenchutsk region, as a result of the attack at the industrial site. After the impact on the site, the vibukhs also burned. Later, the Poltava OVA showed photos of the remains of the enemy’s attack on the region.

The Air Force ZSU about the threat of stagnation of the “Shaheds” was ahead of the meskans from similar and central regions.

Terminova Important information about the Russian war against Ukraine, read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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