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NMT-2024: how and when will testing take place in your family?

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RBC-Ukraine reports this from its findings on the Ministry of Social Sciences.

As the department has learned, the task of administering the national multi-subject test will be difficult. Participants will take tests on four subjects. Of these, three will be obligatory and only one can be selected.

Of obligatory languages ​​will be:

  • Ukrainian language;
  • mathematics;
  • history of Ukraine.

The fourth subject could be taken from the following reference:

  • Ukrainian literature ;
  • English language;
  • Spanish language;
  • German language;
  • French language;
  • biology;
  • geography;
  • physics;
  • chemistry.

In 2024, Ukrainian literature and geography were added to selected subjects of NMT.

The test itself will take place over one day in two stages, each of which will be divided over two years.

Participants will accumulate Ukrainian language and mathematics on the first stage, at the other – the history of Ukraine and the selected subject. Between the two stages there will be a break of 20 minutes.

Registration for NMT-2024 starts in Bereznya.

Shortening of a number of subjects in schools

Earlier, Oksen Lisovyi stated that the Ministry of Education and Science does not recognize the shortening of key disciplines. However, the department will work on this so that the stench is more concentrated.

With respect to those that schoolchildren had to start in the minds of a pandemic through the coronavirus, as well as in the hour of a large-scale war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Lisovy guessed that at the senior specialized school, starting from 2027, students will be able to study directly what they are planning to start.

For which students of 7-9 grades there are about 20 subjects, and so on it is easy to learn and without stress online learning”, despite the fact that not everyone is able to use gadgets for distancing.

Earlier, RBC-Ukraine reported that the urgent task of the education system may create careless minds for children and readers for and take a day offline .

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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