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Recruitment of collaborators from robots: the Radya explained the mechanism of the new law

The law adopted by the Verkhovna Rada provides additional incentives to release workers for collaboration Ionism at critical infrastructure enterprises.

Taras Tarasenko, a member of the Committee of Social Policy and the defense of the rights of veterans, said about this, informs RBC-Ukraine of sending to the press service of Rad.

“In the minds of the war, it is necessary to create new frameworks in order to “Robot sellers could ensure the safety of businesses, which is especially important for businesses with critical infrastructure,” he said.

In his words, the law spelled out such ideas for which the Cabinet of Ministers can develop rules for the employment of robot sellers, what the investigation revealed the facts , which can harm businesses and regions. It has been conveyed that a large number of collaborators can be hired, including after a year of professional training.

A large number of collaborators

I guess, on the 25th quarter, the Verkhovna Rada praised the draft law No. 7731, which would introduce changes to the Code of Laws Fatherland of Ukraine.

The law introduces mandatory rules of conduct at enterprises, installations, organizations that may be of strategic importance for the state and critical infrastructure facilities.

These rules are to be transmitted to the public with information about Apparently they have connections with individuals on the territory of the aggressor power or the immediate occupation of the territory of Ukraine, as well as the duty of government officials not to disclose information with shared access.

In addition, the law gives the worker the right to communicate to arrest police officers for “failure to comply with internal labor regulations” .

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