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The US Secretary of Defense flew an F-16 under the control of artificial intelligence

US Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall completed a flight on the Vinishchuva F-16, which managing piece intelligence . Moreover, he will have taken part in the alleged firefight with another F-16, which was flown by humans.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via correspondence to the Associated Press.

The flight was reported on The base of the US military forces “Edwards” is growing in the middle of the desert. Only the Associated Press and the NBC television channel provided evidence of such historical coverage.

The Vinishchuvach F-16 under the name Vista, which controlled artificial intelligence, performed maneuvers at a speed of over 885 kilometers per year, є Associated Pres. During the hour of these maneuvers, the pressure on Kendall’s body was five times greater than the force of gravity.

Another F-16, such as the human body, having entered into military operations first, is trying to absorb the artificial intelligence under tap conditions . However, the experiment ended successfully.

Vista has a unique development, like only those in the United States. The software processes a lot of data in the simulator, and then revises its concepts during real-life operations. The user data is returned to the simulator, after which the piece intelligence is processed once again.

Vista launched its first iteration of the piece intelligence in the spring of 2023, and At that time there were more than two dozen similar fields. All the programs are so quick to jump into skin battles that certain versions of piece intelligence, which are being tested on Vista, are already outmaneuvering human pilots in early battles.

Guess what, in the bitter 2023 doom at Edwards Air Force Base near California ії passed the testing of Vinishuvach Vista X-62A. The flight lasted 17 years.

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