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The ZSU seems to have repelled the attack of the mechanized battalion near Avdiivka. ISW explains what this means

Ukrainian military near Tonenky Donetsk region 30 bereznya, Imovirno, defeated the mechanized attack of the Russian occupiers in numbers battalion You can also testify about the fact that Russians have accumulated savings on which the operational reserve cannot be built up to ensure their release in the near future.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a letter sent to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

< p>The Institute is seeking to restore the Ukrainian military, since the 30th generation of the Russian military, including the creation of the 6th tank regiment (90th tank division of the Central Military District), threw 3 6 tanks and 12 infantry fighting vehicles at the mechanization of the assault on the Tonenky.

Geolocation images for 31 years, which the Institute has collected, show the large number of weakened and damaged Russian armored vehicles and tanks along the road to the daytime approach from Tonenky (on entry from Avdiivka).

The Ukrainian commander stated that before the assault, the defense forces had lost 12 Russian tanks and 8 infantry fighting vehicles, indicating that the attack could not break through the Ukrainian defense line.

According to ISW, the attack was primarily mechanized numerically Yu to Battalion Z the moment the occupiers begin the campaign from the burial of Avdiivka until the end of 2023.

Also, this is the first information about the fate of any infantry units of the 90th tank division during the assaults after the burying of Avdiivka by Russia. According to the Institute's assessments, elements of the 90th Tank Division, together with other Russian units and united units, are likely to represent a significant operational reserve, which the Russian command can throw at the offensive Id from Avdiivka.

Failure of attack 30 years ago, according to experts, it is important to note that the elements of the designated reserve may need to be degraded or, for other reasons, unproductive, to keep Russia away from entering within a short term.

Also at the Institute you respect what it is You can confirm that Ukraine's property will be protected from the upcoming large-scale offensive of the occupiers due to defective ammunition.

The situation on the Avdiivka direct

Russian armies did not stop at the buried Avdiivka and will continue to advance with great forces, squeezing the occupiers into more villages. Zokrema, 26 February, as it became clear, the ZSU left the settlement of Lastochkine. A day later, the ZSU made a tactical withdrawal from the villages of Severne and Stepov on the Avdiivsky direct.

Previously, the intercessor of the commander of the Third Assault Brigade, Maxim Zhorin, indicated that the main direct route for the Russians was no – line of settlements “Berdich – Orlivka”. The later chief commander of the ZSU, Oleksandr Sirsky, confirmed that the Russian assault forces are trying to break through the defenses of our troops and want to attack the settlements of Tonenke, Orlivka, Semenivka, Berdychi, Krasnogorivka.

Zhorin 28 Bereznya informed that the respect of Russians is concentrated on magnets ” escape” near the village of Semenivka, otherwise they will not get in touch with anyone.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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